(2022- on going)

While Vietnam represents for many in the West a place where a war was fought or athletic shoes are made, its people bear witness to a richer & far more complex reality. To expand and challenge the existing perception of Vietnamese people, it is to be able to see and understand the unruliness of it, through the excess of memories bestowed physically in this country; some given prominence through statues or architectures, while others are left to obliteration; the bodies become vessels for memories.

In the images:

Hạnh- Thơ, the sisters Vân Lê, Dan Ni, Thái Linh, Annica, Ronny Ackah, Khôi Nguyên, Nhật Minh, Hiếu Ngọc, Jonathan Poirier, Thu Hương, Minh Châu, Hà Phong, Hà Thanh