Flipping through the pages of a family photo album is much of a revelation to one. Alluring to look at the past and the period of time a person has lived through, though much to be discussed, this past, especially for Vietnamese people, is something so heavy and hard to shake. For the contemporary people who no longer feel the connection with such events that happened, what is there left for us to be identified with?

    Relying on close study of individual styles and cultural aesthetic of each image landscape to tell its own story, to question and reveal whatever it wants to. Its visual codes cueing viewer’s interpretation. The images subvert past assumptions with dignity and sympathy, disrupting the signaling that triggers categorization.

    The work is to observe the current environment of oneself with that of past memories. Documenting the change that policy and spaces could create an image that was done through both meticulous staging and scenarios,  the unusual, often overlooked places and people where one finds themself positioned, and the spontaneous image- but it is nothing but an illusion that society and power have created to change. This kind of illusion creates nostalgia. It is to present something between illusions of the past  that had been created over the years and happenings of the now.

    In this work: Tạ Lê Hạnh- Thơ, the sisters Vân Lê, Dan Ni, Thái Linh, Annica, Ronny Ackah, Vũ Khôi Nguyên, Bùi Nhật Minh, Jonathan Poirier, Vũ Thu Hương, Nguyễn Nhật Minh Châu, Nguyễn Hà Phong, Nguyễn Hiếu Ngọc, Xứng, Bùi Đức Thảo, Tường Danh, Hà Phương, Minh Thuận